The Full Story

Hey I'm Jaden.

I'm an Oklahoma native and have lived in Oklahoma my whole life. My professional career spans 8+ years while my interest in Web Development started long before that. Since writing my first webpage in notepad while in the 4th grade, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I started picking up freelance clients while in high school which led me to jump into my first full-time role at a great organization in my home town Enid, OK.

After a successful 3 years, I felt the need to pursue my career further with a move to start a role with one of the largest internationally known non-profits. I then continued to pursue my career with a gaming company based in Atlanta, GA and then working for a large non-profit organization funded by one of the most well known retail store chains in the USA.

Even though I chose Web Development as my focus, I still enjoy a number of other related topics such as video production, graphic design, print design, and marketing.

I've spent my entire life devoted to what I do but I still try to have fun too. While I'm not in the office, I try to do as much outdoors as I can. I enjoy anything from cycling, running, hiking, and mostly anything else that you can do outside.

I also enjoy to travel. Anytime I get the opportunity to travel out of state you can count me in.