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A Little Background

I'm a developer that loves to ship clean functional code. With a passion for full-stack, it's common for me to work on all parts of a project from start to finish. Sometimes you'll find me configuring a linux server or working on the UI of an application.

With a true passion for Web Development even when I'm not in the office you will find me researching new trends and emerging myself in the latest technology to keep my skills at their finest.

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Oyster Dating


Oyster is a location based dating application written in React Native. Users are able to see other users in real-time at real locations. I was the lead developer on this project working on the front and back of the application. I developed a custom api written in PHP to interface with the front-end of the application.


JS Products - PDMS System


PDMS is an internal tool created for JS Products. This tool manages their internal manufacturing process. I played a lead role building a front-end application with React. The application interfaced with a Node.js API.


Campaign Inbox


I played a lead role building a front-end application with React and Typescript. The application interfaced with a Python based API.




Redibids is a different take on the penny auction model. User's can bid on items and win prizes on a visible grid while bidding. I joined the team as a Front-End Developer and was responsible for engineering new interfaces for the user as well as jumping in where I needed to on the back-end.



Just for fun projects.


Simple chat application using Socket.IO, Node.js, and Angular.js. Users can chat in the public room as well as private message each other.


Meme Build

Meme generation application using PHP, ImageMagick, and Angular.js. Users can generate memes and create an account to save their generated memes.



RSS feed application where you can read all your favorite feeds at once. Uses PHP, Laravel, Angular.js, and SocketIO for live article stream.


Technology I Love

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